Units of Inquiry 2015-16

Unit 1: Who We Are

Central Idea: We can get along with other people by learning about their thinking and feelings, and communicating our own.

Key concepts: perspective, reflection, causation

Lines of Inquiry:

  • how I treat others and how they treat me
  • what I do may change how people feel
  • strategies to solve problems help us learn about each other

Unit 2: Where we are in Place and Time

Central Idea: Understanding our place in the world develops our understanding of our personal journeys.

Key concepts: connection, perspective

Lines of Inquiry:
  • our school and its surroundings
  • paths/routes that we use daily
  • how we can represent our surroundings

Unit 3: How we Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Our culture and our origin are expressed in different ways.

Key concepts: form, connection perspective

Lines of Inquiry:
  • The concept of culture
  • How culture makes us unique
  • Different, different, but same

Unit 4: How we Organize Ourselves

Central Idea: People’s roles and responsibilities make communities run smoothly.

Key concepts: function, responsibility, connection

Lines of Inquiry:
  • Different roles people have
  • In order to reach a common goal, people must cooperate
  • Interconnectedness of people in a community

Unit 5: How the World Works

Central Idea: Our solar system is made of many planets, only one that has living things.

Key concepts: function, form, connection

Lines of Inquiry:
  • How the solar system works 
  • Things that support life
  • What makes the planets unique

Unit 6: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Over time, living things need to adapt in order to survive.

Key concepts: change, connection

Lines of Inquiry:
  • concept of adaptation
  • circumstances that lead to adaptation
  • how plants and animals adapt or respond to environmental conditions


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